Goflamingo Resort

Welcome to Pench National Park

Welcome to Pench National Park

Swimming Pool

Swimming Pool
Swimming Pool

Swimming pool facility

Swimming pool offer you a relaxing getaway far away from the hustle and bustle of city life. We know you’re searching for an area to relax and let your soul free. this (can be)why goflamingoresorts contains a pool within the heart of the resort in order that you, our guests, can build the foremost of some time with us.

Nothing beats floating on prime of blue, crystal clear, sparkling water, permitting your soul and body to flow freely with it, to assist your mind relax into a state of tranquility. A swim in the pool when an extended day of look is additionally an honest idea. Our multi-purpose athletic facility permits our guests to fancy it in an exceedingly variety of ways.

Recommended Pool Arrangements

Pool Party

Do you require an energising section? Dive in due to the fact our swimming pools may also remodel into a celebration venue for you. If you ee-e book us early enough, we also can create the ideal celebration environment for you, entire with lighting fixtures and thumping music. We even have a massive pool carrier which can get you some thing you need to the swimming pools at any time. As a result, you’ll have the floating dancer to your self and may celebration tough with all your favored liquids and foods.

2. Relaxing front room

If you’re searching for a calming weekend escape, allow us to spoil you with the best rooms and tranquil natatoriums. we provide a sublime and serene lounge by our swimming pool wherever you’ll lie and relax, maybe read a book or sunbathe. we have a tendency to even have an amazing pool service with that you can get something to the poolside with solely a phone call. we have a tendency to also have a spread of contemporary juices and drinks to treat your style buds similarly as your body and mind.

3. Infinite Pool

We’ve created a little slice of heaven that brings you closer to nature and takes you to a whole new level of tranquility. Thanks to the beautifully placed backdrop, whatever the season, what you’ll find is spectacular. It’s incredibly romantic at night, when the pool is bathed in a soft glow and dazzling lights add to the romantic atmosphere. We guarantee that our infinity pools will exceed your expectations for a romantic evening, afternoon or morning.

Romantic Dinner

Are you on a honeymoon? Our  Pool can be arranged into something pretty and romantic at night, lit up from beneath with lights everywhere, and that we can prepare for you the experience of a sea-coast light dinner here at the resort. near the pool.  With a sitting arrangement where you’ll be able to relish a romantic dinner together with your partner.